i am a horrible procrastinator. im only posting becosue /jp/ reminded me of the blog and i thought i should actually post here.

i think what 2 monthsof procrastinating before i finished my papercraft that should take maybe 2 days at most..
god damn

anyway i will be updating the previous post with image once i borrow a good camera to take a picture of the finished product.

anyway i have been studying programming in c for the past 2 months and i will start learning opengl so i can do stuff outside of the command prompt and actually have nice looking programs

ive been trying to model my waifu in 3dsmax for a while but i can do it for shit and once i even finish something as small as a shoe i have to redo the whole thing.

and pretty much have spent the rest of the time playing videogames

thats what i have done for the past month or so...

i guess that is all i havent really made anything other then some dumb console puzzles so i guess i wont be posting anything of any value

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